poppy's nursery

i know this sounds incredibly nerdy, but i almost cried when i had to pack up the math room that i loved so much. once empty, though, i had a blank canvas, and had such fun turning the space into a nursery! it was the first time in four babies that i've really had the chance to nest so extensively. heron was born six weeks before we moved in with my mom for a year (into my old bedroom); shepherd was born into our little apartment in portland, & slept in a nook in a walk-in closet just off of heron's bedroom. when perry was born we'd just moved into our current home the month prior, and all was a clutter of boxes.

the themes are simple, with a loosely tied palette of coral, ochre, navy, & ivory, using cotton, wool, & lace, and a collection of vintage spools throughout. as much as possible, everything is vintage & handmade. since this blog is partly a record of my domestic creative endeavors, i'll highlight the handmade. i had a blast pulling it all together, & often thought of the delight jesus must feel in heaven, spending thousands of years now creating a space for us. isn't it so sweet & comforting to know that he understands a woman's nesting instinct, & that God created us to delight in creating special places?

four babies in, i knew i'd fall asleep nursing. it was time for a chaise lounge!

on an old mantle i distressed, my first branch weaving--with a poppy pod woven in. 

never a fan of proper changing tables, poppy has a sheepskin rug, with diaper supplies tucked away beneath the chaise in an old suitcase

some favorite children's books : elsa beskow, sibylle von offers, and beatrix potter | an old suitcase lined with liberty of london floral, and given a new handle 

always a simple way to add color pops -- pompoms!

the western meadowlark recalls the reason for poppy's name.

clothes, diaper supplies, & extra blankets are stored in the bins. i sewed wooden curtain rings to vintage lace tablecloths to make the closet and window curtains.

middle-of-the-night pregnancy insomnia produced this fillet crochet banner for poppy! josh & i hung the lath on this wall together.

the sweet vintage dress is from my friend robin. baby bonnet by briar handmade.

 i made sheets out of unbleached muslin, a box pleat crib skirt out of ticking stripe, and tea-stained a white crib bumper for a warm ivory color (not shown). perry's old spindle crib received a face lift with chalk paint (first sanded, then painted with annie sloan's "old white," distressed, and finally given a wax coat on top).

josh did this sketch of poppy pods ten years ago before we'd ever thought of naming a child poppy. i found the drawing a few months ago & made an embroidery piece out of it.