one million thumbprints

last week josh worked hard to write, record, and produce the song "hiding place," created especially for the one million thumbprints campaign. when the kids asked josh why he was writing the song & why he was giving it away, he told them about the desperate plight of women and children fleeing for their lives in war torn areas of the world. he also talked about the importance of living generously in order to help others in their time of need. heron proceeded to open up her little deer bank & draft a letter to one million thumbprints.

one million thumbprints is a campaign through the work of world relief to end violence against women and children in congo, south sudan, and syria. 

josh is partnering with one million thumbprints for the next 7 days by releasing a deluxe anniversary edition of his album HOME. download the album for free on noisetrade and receive two brand new songs inspired by the women the one million thumbprints team met with in the congo.

josh is donating 100% of the tips received to support the work of one million thumbprints and world relief in the congo. download, listen, and share!