first day of school!

we were so ready to start school this year! it was a wonderful summer, but we were all greatly in need of some routine and focus again. 

last year my summer prep for school mainly involved pulling a classroom together. this summer, with a first grader to teach this time (along with a kindergartener & a preschooler), my prep involved a major curriculum overhaul. 

last year heron was in kindergarten; i was also homeschooling her friend lucy for the first semester, perry was in preschool two blocks away, & shepherd was just along for the ride. it was both harder and easier than this year. in many ways it was a trial year--the first year i was really giving homeschooling a go, yet without a first-grader there was really no pressure to have everything figured out--yet. 

having lucy with us was fun, and it made me get extra-serious from the get-go about organization, filing, records, planning, supplies, learning spaces, etc. i grew SO much that semester, and it helped me enter into this school year so much more confidently. i'd had a year to work with my kids to learn a little more about their learning styles, & which curricula/educational approach worked for our family. i was able to approach this year with a clear vision, firm convictions, and a starting place for a schedule. 

we are off to a good start, & ready to learn & grow together!